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B.tan 1 hour Dark Mousse Review

B.tan is an Australian tanning brand, new to Ireland. It's Vegan-friendly, Cruelty-free, contains no nasties like parabens and has natural DHA. It also comes in a wide range of fake tan types.

 Summer may be here but the weather forecast as always is unpredictable so as the caption says, you got to 'Fake it till you make it'. With Skin cancer also on the rise, self-tanning is a safer option to getting that desired Summer glow but don't forget the SPF on top of it.

I was thrilled to recently be sent the 1 hour Dark Mousse to try out. I have always been hesitant to try a Dark shade tan, visions of turning into an Ooompa Loompa in my head and reminders from past tan disasters. However, I thought with the promise of a tan after 1 hour, surely it can't go wrong? 


1 hour
I tried it for the proposed, 1 hour but expected the results to be darker. However, I feel when trying a new tan it is always best to gradually trial it as I find each tan is different in its results.

2 hours
I decided to apply it for an extra hour the following day and found the results were more appealing to me but my legs were still too light for me personally.

4 hours
It suggests to get a darker result, to leave it on for 4 plus hours so I did just that. I was really pleased with the results and a client actually commented on how nice it looked and had I been on holidays? Always a good sign that it doesn't look fake. However, I was finding my legs still weren't the same desired shade as my body so I planned on leaving it on longer next time.

I had a family wedding coming up the following week and decided to be daring by leaving it on overnight the night before. It could have been a complete disaster but wow, the results the following morning were unreal!
 I'd like to mention before going to bed the night before, I did wash my face and hands as I didn't want them too dark so I recommend doing this just in case. I'm also extremely impressed by the application, I usually make a mess of my hands and feet but by some miracle, every application of Btan which has been 4 so far, not one hiccup! 

Lasting power/Wearability
With the 1 - 2-hour tan applications, I found the tan wore well over the few days and came away with showers with little help. With the longer length of tans, I felt by the 5th day, it needed some TLC to scrub off. I find the tan eraser fantastic for that. 

B.tan is priced at €12.50 and available from selected Penneys and Pharmacies nationwide.

After trying it on different occasions, overall the overnight is the best that worked for me and absolutely loved the results. I am curious to try the darker version of dark to see if I could get away with leaving it on overnight but nevertheless, Btan is a new found favourite tan which I will continue to use.

Have you tried B.tan or have a favourite tan you find works for you? 
I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,
Aifric x

( Disclaimer - as mentioned above, I was kindly gifted this tan but my opinion is always honest and my own personal thoughts and experience with the product x )

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  1. I'm seeing this brand popping up all over social media at the moment and I need to try it. Like you, 1 hour isn't enough to get the tan I want so I usually wear my tan overnight. It looks gorgeous on you xx



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