Wednesday, 13 December 2017

K.M Blonde Angel vs Pro.Voke Touch of Silver

Hi everyone,

I changed my hair colour at the start of the year to a blonde balayage and went brighter with the blonde in August being my 2nd time getting it done. I was delighted with how well the blonde took as I'm naturally dark and the condition was fantastic for blonde with thanks to the amazing hair stylist, Emma Quirke in Tralee. However, with blonde it can take maintenance to upkeep and it can tend to get brassy. My friend recommended the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel shampoo to me which is a purple toner shampoo and neutralizes any brassiness the blonde may have.

They do a 40ml size for around €8 and the full size 250ml at around €26. I tried the 40ml which is tiny and although it did lift it a bit I certainly didn't want be forking out on the bigger bottle as I didn't feel it was worth it when I already used a salon shampoo to upkeep my coloured hair. I only got a couple of washes from the shampoo as advised and once I finished my cousin mentioned a similar style shampoo she uses on her all over blonde and this was also recommended by a hair stylist.

I picked up PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening shampoo for under €5 in Kennellys Pharmacy, The Reeks and didn't use it for another few weeks. After trying it a few times, I found by weting your hair and applying it, then letting it in your hair for a few hours as you would with a treatment, washing it out then shampoo your hair with your usual shampoo and conditioning it was so much brighter and so soft once it was blowdryed. It also comes in a 150ml bottle for that price so it lasts much longer and its much cheaper for doing the exact same job! Just to note this is not an everyday shampoo, I’ve been using it once a week and will continue to do so.  Of course this is just my own opinion but its worked for my hair and hoping if you haven't tried it, you like it too. 
Let me know if you do,
Aifric x

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