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Holiday Prep. Tips

Hello all,

I was lucky enough to recently head away to Ibiza, Spain for my 30th Birthday. It was our first holiday away on our own, toddler free and the longest I've ever been away from River. I will be doing a separate blogpost all about it. We headed away on the Friday but beforehand I had been preparing myself to get Holiday Ready. Below is a guide that helped me feel comfortable and ready for our vacation.

I was kindly invited in to try an inch loss body wrap in Beauty Secrets Salon in Park Road, Killarney. I know I'm slim but I think everyone can be somewhat conscious of getting into a bikini or a swimsuit when it's not your usual attire so I was delighted to be asked to try it out. My lower half of my body is where I wanted to see the results, particularly my thighs and the results were impressive.

About the Treatment
First off you must strip to your underwear minus your bra. Sarah who is the proprietor and the therapist will make you feel comfortable, shes seen it all before and has a down to earth personality you can relax with. After she measures your body, She dry body brushes your whole body from your ankles working her way up to the shoulders. She then massaged Minimi oil which smelt fab into my body and wrapped me in a clear MiniMi membrane which is basically like cling film. After this you lie down on the beauty bed where she wraps a heat retaining foil blanket around you to allow the process to begin. It's time to relax and stay still as you literally can't move so if you get any way claustrophobic this treatment wouldn't be for you. I dozed in and out of sleep until around an hour later it was time to take it all off. The entire treatment lasts roughly 90 mins.

You will be bursting for the loo over the next few days which eliminates any toxins in the body and you will also be really thirsty. You are required to increase your water intake. You're advised to avoid tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol and any processed foods over the next few days and also look after your diet. Basically don't eat a load of rubbish as you will be undoing the inches you lose.

My measurements were taken beforehand and compared afterwards. I lost a whole 8 inches off my body and 1 whole inch off my thighs. Wahoo! The cost of the treatment is 65euro which was well worth it in the words of my partner, Gary. He couldn't get over the difference of my thighs and told me I should get it done on a regular basis. Men are such smooth talkers eh! Cheeky pup haha. Either way it got a thumbs up from us both and I definitely felt more confident in my denim shorts and bikini. I even could feel the difference in my skinny jeans so if you even had an occasion coming up that you found a dress a bit tight, this would help it feel more comfortable. Of course it all comes down to maintaining it, diet and exercise but this was a bit of a cheat to get things started.


  • Waxing

I've been going to Sarah of Beauty Secrets for the past couple of years and I'm always happy with the results. Bikini wax is a must for me before holidays, I can't shave that area as it irritates my skin and in a bikini I wanted no hair. She uses Lycon wax which is meant to be one of the best. I get the Hollywood and it's 35euro.

  • Spray Tan

I've never gotten a spray tan before holidays in the past, however, we were only going for a few days and I didn't have much of a base tan going. Irish Summer & all that. I also didn't want to be like Casper arriving over there and who doesn't feel more confident in bare skin with a tan? So, I decided to be faux tanned before leaving and I'd definitely recommend it. I go to Ann Elizabeth Beauty and she has a special on Thursdays for Tanning Thursday for 20euro for full body. She uses Cocoa Brown and I loved the result. You can have the normal or there's a darker version. I went for the normal as I knew I'd tan easily so I didn't want to be too dark to begin with. It develops in an hour and the longer you leave it on, the darker it gets. I was quite busy that evening as it was the day before we left so I showered it off roughly 4 hours later. You can leave it overnight if you prefer too, again, it depends how dark you like to be.

How did it wear?
I found the tan wore perfectly over the few days that we were there. The only areas I noticed the tan had to be exfoliated a bit if it was wearing was on my chest and my ankles. I used the swimming pool daily and also swam in the sea, showered etc and it was still perfect. It wore off completely after around 5 and by then my skin was already sunkissed so I had forgotten I even had a spray tan to begin with.

This was the result, the day after and the day we were flying.

This was on the Saturday, the shade was perfect for me. I felt if I was darker it would of looked obviously fake which I didn't want. This was subtle and perfect for me.
Thanks for reading, hope my tips were helpful if you are heading off or even have a Special Occasion coming up that you need to prep for.

Aifric xx


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