Saturday, 8 July 2017

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

If you love a good coverage foundation then the All nighter is for you. I bought shade 6.0 which is perfect for tan or summer kissed skin and it retails at 35euro.

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It contains no SPF so be sure to use a factor in your moisturiser but perfect for no flashback like some full coverage foundations on the market give you. I recommend applying it with a foundation brush and really buff it into the skin working quickly as I found it dried quickly.

This is from one tiny pump, this really spreads so a little bit is only needed.

I made the mistake of 'lightly' applying it with just my beauty blender recently and when I got into the car my skin was a bit like a jigsaw. Completely patchy as I hadn't blended it properly so just be careful. The shade range is impressive whether you've beautiful porcelain skin or luscious dark skin, it caters for all. It has a matte finish therefore if you like more of a glow to your skin i'd recommend mixing it with an illuminator to give your skin a radiance. I love Boots Botanics Radiance Balm which is usually on offer and it's also lovely on its own with your moisturiser.

If you're not a complete full coverage kinda gal then mix it with a preferred lighter foundation to get the desired look. It's also Oil free and best of all paraben free. It's a 30ml bottle but a little goes a long way so you can really get your moneys worth out of it. This would be a foundation I would probably keep for evening or a night out personally as I prefer little coverage if even during the day. In saying that, its all rounder foundation for whatever your coverage preference may be.

Have you got a favourite foundation? Do you love a good coverage or not so much? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hydrating Booster Facial : The Skin Lab

Yesterday, I had my first facial (ever!) and it was truly amazing. I was invited in by the lovely Claire who is also from Kerry, to her new business located up in The Reeks, Killarney called The Skin Lab.

Skin consultation:
Claire had a look at my skin which is overall normal and dehydrated around the eyes. I also have pigmentation on my forehead which I first noticed last summer. I found my skin changed after having River so the pigmentation can be down to hormone change and of course I'm a sun worshiper so it's also skin damage from over exposure. I do use SPF but it's more like 20 than the recommended 50. She informed me the skin pigmentation could be tackled and fixed but I would need 4-5 treatments of skin peels to really down into the skin layers so it's definitely something I will consider.

You can see the pigmentation on my forehead
The Treatment:
After completing the Skin Consultation she proceeded with the treatment which was The Hydrating Booster Facial. She began with double cleansing my face, exfoliating with a micro polish and she did
 a very mild peel with glycolic and lactic acid. I didn't find this was uncomfortable at any stage as it
was mild but all I can describe it as heat on my face and a tingling sensation. You notice this starting with the exfoliating, which gets the blood flowing in your skin prepping it for the mask. 
After the peel, she cooled & hydrated my skin with a botanical mask with cucumber and thyme. 
You can imagine the smell, divine. 

Mid treatment
Claire then applied a second mask which was a pure Vitamin C mask containing B5 concentrate. This is great for pigmentation, boosting collagen and moisturising. She covered it over with gauze which was soaked in hot botanical waxes to aid penetration of products. Again, smelt gorgeous of citrus and the heat of the wax was really warming but not too much. 

Looking fab, feeling even more

To complete the treatment she finished with a triple antioxidant serum and SPF 50 which I'm guilty for never wearing. I will try to improve though, my older skin will thank me for it. All of the skincare products she used are by SkinCeuticals

My skin is feeling fresh and rejuvenated after the hour & half treatment. Thank you so much Claire for inviting me in for the facial, it was such a treat and definitely recommend checking The Skin Lab out. It's almost Friday, Treat yourself. 

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Aifric x

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