Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Take Note...

Hi everyone,

Having previously tried (and loved) Makeup brand Note Cosmetics, I was eager to try more of the range. It was just my luck that it had arrived to the first Killarney stockists in Kennellys Pharmacy (Haven). I bought a few products and Kennellys kindly gave me a few more to try.

One thing that strikes me about Note is how expensive the packaging looks. It has similarities to higher priced makeup brands such as MAC and Inglot but at a fraction of the price. I've had a lot of questions recently regarding what to buy in the range so below I've reviewed what I've used so far. You can also check out my previous blogpost on more of the products here.

Detox Foundation:
I absolutely adore this! I wore it for the first time last Friday and my partner commented that my skin looked amazing and my makeup never looked as good. He's seen me with makeup on many times so I had to laugh that he commented, I'll take it as a compliment either way (I think..). My skin would be combination and this really suited it. It's a full coverage foundation but I found that it's buildable so it depends how you apply it. When I first applied it I used a foundation brush and a beauty blender which lasted me all night and looked the best on me. A couple of days later I used just the beauty blender which looked too much and heavy on my skin personally so I'd advise use the brush and if you want to pack more coverage into certain areas use the beauty blender or just for blending more for that airbrush finish. It comes in 8 shades ranging from paler to darker to suit everyone. I got shade 03 Medium Beige. The price is €13.95, sure where would you be going!


Luminous Silk Compact Powder:
I chose shade 03 again and it comes in 8 overall shades. This is the perfect product to have in your handbag if you want to touch up as it comes with a powder puff and has a mirror. It can be worn alone or over your foundation to set it (i used it particularly on my T-zone over my foundation). I made the mistake of using it all over my foundation last Sunday and it was too much for me so I'd used it sparingly unless you want full coverage all over. This retails at €9.95.

Terracotta Powder:
This comes in 4 shades and I got shade 01 Stardust. I used it as a highlighter on my cheek bones and
Cupid's bow however if you really love a Glow you could use it all over your cheeks. I did find less is more with this though as the pigment can be deceiving. When I had applied it indoors I thought it
wasn't showing on my skin so I overly applied it and got a bit of a scare when I looked in the car  mirror. Retails at €9.95.

Full Coverage Liquid Concealer:
Fantastic coverage and hid my dark circles. It comes in 4 shades, I got shade 02 Beige and it's €4.95

 Ultra Black Liner:
I usually do liner and a flick in my makeup looks so a liquid liner is a staple in my makeup bag. The brush can take a little getting used to but I find if you have your arm leaning on a table when you're applying it, it can help control your line. It's a really dark black which I love for that smokey look and   retails at €6.95.

Deep Black Mascara:
This was the only product I wasn't 100% gone on but that's just a personal reason as I found the brush didn't suit my lashes. I love that false lashe effect and they do have one in their range however it was sold out at the time. It retails at €8.95.

Rich Colour Lipstick:
The lip range is by far my favourite of their range, they are unreal! These retail at €4.95, yes that's the price and not a typing error! The pigment is amazing and they are so creamy. I got two shades 01 and 05 which was my favourite as I found 01 way too pale for my skin tone.


Luminous Silk Mono Eyeshadow:
I tried two shades browns in 07 and 08. They come in 18 individual shades and retail at €6.95. 07 would suit many people and they are easy to blend.


Makeup Look:

Full product list is listed on my Facebook page 

Thanks for reading, let me know if there's more in the range you've tried that you'd recommend. Aifric x


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