Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bellamianta Self Tanning Lotion Review


I'd been wanting to try Bellaminta for ages since I heard such great reviews. Before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a gift set containing the Self tanning tinted lotion, the facial tanner and the luxury tanning mitt from Beauty Secrets Salon, Killarney. I've been using it since and I absolutely love it.

My first impression when applying the tan was that it was very thick and dark. A Little goes a long way and you must apply it quickly as it drys fast. If you're familiar with St.Tropez it reminded me of that consistency wise but application and results are so much better. Since I wasn't familiar with the development on my skin and seeing as I thought it was dark to begin with I opted to leaving it on for 2 hours. They recommend for a light tan to leave it on for 2 hours, 3 for medium and 4+ for dark. You can also leave it on overnight if you want darker results. For me seeing as I wasn't going anywhere the 2 hours was plenty. I was left with a luscious golden natural looking tan with no streaks. The next morning I found it had developed a bit more even though it had been washed off so I definitely recommend trying the 2 hours to begin with and see how your skin takes to it. The most I've left it on is just over 3 hours which was good too.

Does it Smell?
From previous bloggers mentioning it doesn't smell at all I was skeptical. When you're applying it, it smells lovely like lavender essential oils. Once applied, I personally found after a few hours of being set in my skin there was a slight hint of the tan smell but nothing as bad as others. Once you apply body lotion it fades and after another day it's completely gone.

Tips for applying
I showered and exfoliated just before I applied the tan and I found the results were much better.

The next day after application under shop lighting

After 2 hours application with natural lighting 
The Gift box I received retails at €28 which is really good value considering what you get but because it was at Christmas I'm sure there's only limited stock available if they're not all gone. On its own it retails at €19.95.

Hope you enjoyed my first review,

Aifric x


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