Wednesday, 13 December 2017

K.M Blonde Angel vs Pro.Voke Touch of Silver

Hi everyone,

I changed my hair colour at the start of the year to a blonde balayage and went brighter with the blonde in August being my 2nd time getting it done. I was delighted with how well the blonde took as I'm naturally dark and the condition was fantastic for blonde with thanks to the amazing hair stylist, Emma Quirke in Tralee. However, with blonde it can take maintenance to upkeep and it can tend to get brassy. My friend recommended the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel shampoo to me which is a purple toner shampoo and neutralizes any brassiness the blonde may have.

They do a 40ml size for around €8 and the full size 250ml at around €26. I tried the 40ml which is tiny and although it did lift it a bit I certainly didn't want be forking out on the bigger bottle as I didn't feel it was worth it when I already used a salon shampoo to upkeep my coloured hair. I only got a couple of washes from the shampoo as advised and once I finished my cousin mentioned a similar style shampoo she uses on her all over blonde and this was also recommended by a hair stylist.

I picked up PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening shampoo for under €5 in Kennellys Pharmacy, The Reeks and didn't use it for another few weeks. After trying it a few times, I found by weting your hair and applying it, then letting it in your hair for a few hours as you would with a treatment, washing it out then shampoo your hair with your usual shampoo and conditioning it was so much brighter and so soft once it was blowdryed. It also comes in a 150ml bottle for that price so it lasts much longer and its much cheaper for doing the exact same job! Just to note this is not an everyday shampoo, I’ve been using it once a week and will continue to do so.  Of course this is just my own opinion but its worked for my hair and hoping if you haven't tried it, you like it too. 
Let me know if you do,
Aifric x

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Travel Guide: Ibiza, Spain.

Hi All,

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. As you know, I was recently in Ibiza, Spain to celebrate my 30th Birthday. It was my 2nd time on the Beautiful Island, the last time was for my 21st Birthday and I had been wanting to go back ever since. I previously spent 2 weeks but this time we had 4 full days, however, in total I've seen a good bit of what the Island has to offer. I would highly recommend a visit whether it's for a Birthday, a girls holiday or with your partner. It has something to suit everyone, we even saw many families holidaying there so it doesn't have to be a party destination if that's not your cup of tea.

  • Flights

From what I could gather, if you book the flights and accommodation separately, Ryanair and British Airways from Dublin are the 2 available airlines. We weren't flexible with our dates as I wanted to be away for my actual birthday day and the weekend suited us better with having River looked after. So, we flew with British Airways on a Friday - our flight was late that night at 10.30pm. We didn't arrive into Ibiza until 2.30am and it was 3am by the time we arrived at our hotel. British Airways are lovely to fly with but I was exhausted with the late arrival so I wouldn't advise going for that time.
However, in saying that our other option which wasn't much better was with Ryanair at 6.30am Saturday morning so we would of been in Ibiza for roughly 9/10am and not be able to check in until the afternoon. But at least you wouldn't be paying for an extra night that you barely spent in. The times seem to be much better for during the week so if you can be flexible with your dates, choose then.
Another tip - keep checking the price of the flights if you choose Ryanair. They were a fortune when I was first looking in late April and they reduced down by almost half the price by May and again a few weeks later. They are notorious for raising the flights and lowering them shortly afterwards again so a complete kick in the teeth if you get stung by forking out. Our Departing flight with British Airways don't fly as regularly as Ryanair, I think it's just Fridays and Tuesdays. Also, they offer you a complimentary drink and snack on board which was lovely. But, If you want another drink - they wouldn't give it so just be aware. We flew home with Ryanair and you could buy as many drinks and snacks on board as you pleased.

  • Transport from the Airport
As we arrived into Ibiza in the early hours of Saturday Morning, our only choice was to get a taxi. We were staying in San Antonio and it cost us 40euro for roughly a 20 - 30 mins cab journey. We got the bus on our return home to the airport on the Wednesday and it cost us only 4euro each so that's a massive saving. Again, there's a lot to be said for getting a flight at a more convenient time so you can avoid a taxi if you are on a budget. The bus journey took roughly 45 mins.

I had my doubts about staying in this area as to be honest it has a bit of a bad reputation. However, I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't fault our experience there. I think if you go looking for trouble you'll get it, do your research as to where you'd like to go, check the reviews and avoid the obvious rowdy places. It has a lively atmosphere around the place which I like when walking around but do your research as to where you stay as you also want to be able to get some sleep. Where we stayed had the perfect location which I'll chat about shortly. I loved wandering around the area in which we were staying as there was a lot of street art decorated along the walls.

I previously stayed in Playa d'en Bossa but I found it quite far from everything I wanted to be near at the time and to walk around it wasn't as lively as San Antonio. They are both very different though and Playa d'en Bossa has it's own stunning beach which is very clean and is long enough to have a nice walk through it. It's also much more expensive accommodation wise.
The day we arrived in Ibiza, we spent the day at San Antonio beach, which again was better than I had expected. It was clean and not as packed or rowdy as I had pictured. There were plenty of sun lounger beds available and a sun lounger with an umbrella cost me 10euro. Many of the bars along the beach own the various loungers so a waiter is available to serve you drinks and food and bring it to you if you want to relax.

  • Accommodation
We stayed at Hotel Tropical which was perfectly located and had the BEST Air Conditioning in our room. I did a lot of research into where to stay, reading many reviews and eventually chose here. At the time of booking it said there was 70% of the accommodation gone in San Antonio. I soon discovered that what was available within our budget and what I was looking for was declining over the time I spent looking. Also, I booked on and chose to pay when we got there to cut the cost of spending all at once so that also made our choices limited. However, if you book in enough time you will have plenty of options in whatever you choose. The accommodation is pretty basic, but it's sufficient when we weren't planning on staying in our rooms all day.

Hotel Tropical is located in a quiet area and the security guard who works there makes sure the noise level after hours is kept under control so rest assured you get a good sleep. Our breakfast was also included in our package at no extra cost which was a buffet style and had enough choice to suit everyone. There was a fry, fruit, pastries, cheeses and meats, yoghurts, coffees and teas or also fresh juices.
The hotel had a pool which was located across the street which opens at 10am until 8pm. I advise get there early if you want a lounger as other hotels share the pool so it can tend to get quite busy. Food served there isn't great but the staff are friendly, pool is clean and there's also a bar serving cocktails, beers etc.

The west end strip, which has a strip of bars is a short walk if you fancy it but we avoided it as it wouldn't be our cup of tea. Cafe Mambo is also a short walk from there which I definitely recommend heading down to. I loved the vibe there, the music and the setting. Many flock there to watch the sun setting which is stunning to watch as the sky changes from blue to shades of red then dark. There's a rocky beach where you can sit to watch it and bring your own drink if you'd like or you can dine in Cafe Mambo overlooking the sunset or grab a drink in Cafe del Mar.

When I stayed in Playa d'en Bossa, I stayed in the Jet Apartments which again were basic but they are dear and can be quite noisy. They are located in front of the beach though which is great and Bora Bora is next to it too which has great music.

  • Clubbing
If Dance music is your thing then you will love the Clubs. It's known for the Party Island after all, therefore you are guaranteed to have the best Djs in the world playing throughout the Summer. Ibiza Spotlight is a fantastic site that has a Party Calendar with all of the Clubs and who is playing where and when. You can buy tickets on the site beforehand which is cheaper than paying on the door or when you arrive. It's also useful for lots of other information about the Island.
Prepare yourself for the cost of the clubs, they're not cheap but also bare in mind you are paying to see a few Djs and Ibiza is not cheap to begin with. Expect to pay anything between 45 euro to 100. It depends what club it is and the particular club night. Pacha seemed the most expensive when I was looking up what was on. We went to two Club nights while we were there which were at the same night club, Amnesia.

I really wanted to make DC-10 this time as I haven't been but it clashed with Cocoon on the day of my birthday so we didn't make it unfortunately.
Brace yourselves for the drink prices inside Amnesia. A bottle of water is 9euro, a beer is 13euro and a spirit with a mixer is 23euro!!! It is so hot inside there that you have no choice but to fork out so what I would suggest, when purchasing your tickets, there is an option to buy a drinks package beforehand which works out much cheaper. The clubs mainly open at midnight and continue until dawn. I definitely felt my age as I only lasted a short time until I found the heat unbearable as the later it gets and busier it gets, it also gets much hotter. I couldn't see any air conditioning either so you can imagine the heat. I can't remember it being as bad last time I was there, but I was 21 after all and 30 is much different. I get tired much faster and trying to fit in as much as we did in the short time we were there was tiring when you're not used to going out or staying up late much anymore. Taxi to Amnesia was 20 euro for both of us one way and the party bus was 4euro each.

Next time I'd be enclined to check out some pool parties and day time parties as you would be able to cool down in the water and at least you are outside. In San antonio the clubs that are there are Eden, Es Paradis and Ibiza Rocks Hotel which hosts pool parties. In Playa d'en Bossa, there is Bora Bora, Ushuaia and then Hi Ibiza which is in the same venue Space used to be. Privilege which is the biggest club in the world is in San Rafael and also Amnesia. DC-10 and Sankeys are in Sant Jordi de ses Salines.

  • Shopping

The best shops that I came across were in Ibiza Town. They have KIKO, Zara, Bershka, Pimkie, Springfield, Religion and beautiful boutiques. If you wander up to Dalt Villa there are more boutiques full of stunning jewellary and also clothing.

Other Things to do

  • We took a day trip to a nearby island Formentera which to be honest I found a bit of a waste of our day. If you plan on renting a car or mopehead around the Island then go for it but the fact that we were on foot completely limited what we could do. I definately didn't do my research properly on that one as the beach that we wanted to go was overpacked and to get to the beach, the bus cost us 16euro for both of us which was a rip off. It was no more longer than our 4euro bus to Ibiza town from San Antonio to get to the Ferry. The Fast ferry which ran more frequent was 25euro each return and went from Ibiza Town.
  • Ibiza Town is stunning to wander around and the food is much better there. 
  • Dalt Villa which is located there is a must as you can see incredible views of the island when you get o the top.
  • You can take a bus to one of the hippy markets as there are numerous ones around the Island. I previously went to the market in Es Cana which I loved. Check more here.
  • If you like Outdoor Sports you can take a Kayak with a group around specific areas of the Island for 50euro for a few hours. You can also take out Jet Skis, go diving and more. Check out here.
  • Check out some of the beaches like Las Salinas Beach.

There is so much more to offer on the Island than just partying so I definitely recommend checking it out. Hope you found this guide somewhat helpful if you plan on taking a trip to the white island.

Thanks for reading,

Aifric x


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Holiday Prep. Tips

Hello all,

I was lucky enough to recently head away to Ibiza, Spain for my 30th Birthday. It was our first holiday away on our own, toddler free and the longest I've ever been away from River. I will be doing a separate blogpost all about it. We headed away on the Friday but beforehand I had been preparing myself to get Holiday Ready. Below is a guide that helped me feel comfortable and ready for our vacation.

I was kindly invited in to try an inch loss body wrap in Beauty Secrets Salon in Park Road, Killarney. I know I'm slim but I think everyone can be somewhat conscious of getting into a bikini or a swimsuit when it's not your usual attire so I was delighted to be asked to try it out. My lower half of my body is where I wanted to see the results, particularly my thighs and the results were impressive.

About the Treatment
First off you must strip to your underwear minus your bra. Sarah who is the proprietor and the therapist will make you feel comfortable, shes seen it all before and has a down to earth personality you can relax with. After she measures your body, She dry body brushes your whole body from your ankles working her way up to the shoulders. She then massaged Minimi oil which smelt fab into my body and wrapped me in a clear MiniMi membrane which is basically like cling film. After this you lie down on the beauty bed where she wraps a heat retaining foil blanket around you to allow the process to begin. It's time to relax and stay still as you literally can't move so if you get any way claustrophobic this treatment wouldn't be for you. I dozed in and out of sleep until around an hour later it was time to take it all off. The entire treatment lasts roughly 90 mins.

You will be bursting for the loo over the next few days which eliminates any toxins in the body and you will also be really thirsty. You are required to increase your water intake. You're advised to avoid tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol and any processed foods over the next few days and also look after your diet. Basically don't eat a load of rubbish as you will be undoing the inches you lose.

My measurements were taken beforehand and compared afterwards. I lost a whole 8 inches off my body and 1 whole inch off my thighs. Wahoo! The cost of the treatment is 65euro which was well worth it in the words of my partner, Gary. He couldn't get over the difference of my thighs and told me I should get it done on a regular basis. Men are such smooth talkers eh! Cheeky pup haha. Either way it got a thumbs up from us both and I definitely felt more confident in my denim shorts and bikini. I even could feel the difference in my skinny jeans so if you even had an occasion coming up that you found a dress a bit tight, this would help it feel more comfortable. Of course it all comes down to maintaining it, diet and exercise but this was a bit of a cheat to get things started.


  • Waxing

I've been going to Sarah of Beauty Secrets for the past couple of years and I'm always happy with the results. Bikini wax is a must for me before holidays, I can't shave that area as it irritates my skin and in a bikini I wanted no hair. She uses Lycon wax which is meant to be one of the best. I get the Hollywood and it's 35euro.

  • Spray Tan

I've never gotten a spray tan before holidays in the past, however, we were only going for a few days and I didn't have much of a base tan going. Irish Summer & all that. I also didn't want to be like Casper arriving over there and who doesn't feel more confident in bare skin with a tan? So, I decided to be faux tanned before leaving and I'd definitely recommend it. I go to Ann Elizabeth Beauty and she has a special on Thursdays for Tanning Thursday for 20euro for full body. She uses Cocoa Brown and I loved the result. You can have the normal or there's a darker version. I went for the normal as I knew I'd tan easily so I didn't want to be too dark to begin with. It develops in an hour and the longer you leave it on, the darker it gets. I was quite busy that evening as it was the day before we left so I showered it off roughly 4 hours later. You can leave it overnight if you prefer too, again, it depends how dark you like to be.

How did it wear?
I found the tan wore perfectly over the few days that we were there. The only areas I noticed the tan had to be exfoliated a bit if it was wearing was on my chest and my ankles. I used the swimming pool daily and also swam in the sea, showered etc and it was still perfect. It wore off completely after around 5 and by then my skin was already sunkissed so I had forgotten I even had a spray tan to begin with.

This was the result, the day after and the day we were flying.

This was on the Saturday, the shade was perfect for me. I felt if I was darker it would of looked obviously fake which I didn't want. This was subtle and perfect for me.
Thanks for reading, hope my tips were helpful if you are heading off or even have a Special Occasion coming up that you need to prep for.

Aifric xx


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

If you love a good coverage foundation then the All nighter is for you. I bought shade 6.0 which is perfect for tan or summer kissed skin and it retails at 35euro.

Image credit: Google

It contains no SPF so be sure to use a factor in your moisturiser but perfect for no flashback like some full coverage foundations on the market give you. I recommend applying it with a foundation brush and really buff it into the skin working quickly as I found it dried quickly.

This is from one tiny pump, this really spreads so a little bit is only needed.

I made the mistake of 'lightly' applying it with just my beauty blender recently and when I got into the car my skin was a bit like a jigsaw. Completely patchy as I hadn't blended it properly so just be careful. The shade range is impressive whether you've beautiful porcelain skin or luscious dark skin, it caters for all. It has a matte finish therefore if you like more of a glow to your skin i'd recommend mixing it with an illuminator to give your skin a radiance. I love Boots Botanics Radiance Balm which is usually on offer and it's also lovely on its own with your moisturiser.

If you're not a complete full coverage kinda gal then mix it with a preferred lighter foundation to get the desired look. It's also Oil free and best of all paraben free. It's a 30ml bottle but a little goes a long way so you can really get your moneys worth out of it. This would be a foundation I would probably keep for evening or a night out personally as I prefer little coverage if even during the day. In saying that, its all rounder foundation for whatever your coverage preference may be.

Have you got a favourite foundation? Do you love a good coverage or not so much? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,
Aifric x

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hydrating Booster Facial : The Skin Lab

Yesterday, I had my first facial (ever!) and it was truly amazing. I was invited in by the lovely Claire who is also from Kerry, to her new business located up in The Reeks, Killarney called The Skin Lab.

Skin consultation:
Claire had a look at my skin which is overall normal and dehydrated around the eyes. I also have pigmentation on my forehead which I first noticed last summer. I found my skin changed after having River so the pigmentation can be down to hormone change and of course I'm a sun worshiper so it's also skin damage from over exposure. I do use SPF but it's more like 20 than the recommended 50. She informed me the skin pigmentation could be tackled and fixed but I would need 4-5 treatments of skin peels to really down into the skin layers so it's definitely something I will consider.

You can see the pigmentation on my forehead
The Treatment:
After completing the Skin Consultation she proceeded with the treatment which was The Hydrating Booster Facial. She began with double cleansing my face, exfoliating with a micro polish and she did
 a very mild peel with glycolic and lactic acid. I didn't find this was uncomfortable at any stage as it
was mild but all I can describe it as heat on my face and a tingling sensation. You notice this starting with the exfoliating, which gets the blood flowing in your skin prepping it for the mask. 
After the peel, she cooled & hydrated my skin with a botanical mask with cucumber and thyme. 
You can imagine the smell, divine. 

Mid treatment
Claire then applied a second mask which was a pure Vitamin C mask containing B5 concentrate. This is great for pigmentation, boosting collagen and moisturising. She covered it over with gauze which was soaked in hot botanical waxes to aid penetration of products. Again, smelt gorgeous of citrus and the heat of the wax was really warming but not too much. 

Looking fab, feeling even more

To complete the treatment she finished with a triple antioxidant serum and SPF 50 which I'm guilty for never wearing. I will try to improve though, my older skin will thank me for it. All of the skincare products she used are by SkinCeuticals

My skin is feeling fresh and rejuvenated after the hour & half treatment. Thank you so much Claire for inviting me in for the facial, it was such a treat and definitely recommend checking The Skin Lab out. It's almost Friday, Treat yourself. 

Thanks for reading,
Aifric x


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Debenhams x Just Jordan Event

I recently attended an event in Cork in Debenhams hosted by Just Jordan and VIP magazine.

My friend Ebony came with me & it was such an enjoyable evening. We got to catch up with some of the Cork Bloggers we are in touch with and I also met some new lovely ladies.

I hadn't been in Debenhams in so long (on my own without a buggy) so it was really nice to take my time looking around at the stunning makeup counters and all of the products they have to offer. They now have Kat Von D and Makeup Forever along with Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced and many more. We were kindly given goodie bags with some gorgeous makeup products and also if you were a blogger you got a voucher to spend in store. Of course I spent it straight away on makeup! Because you can never have enough, right!?

I'm new to the Urban Decay products, I know, completely last to the party but having heard such great things I was excited to try them out. I will do a separate review on the foundation soon as I'm still testing it out.

The invitation mentioned dress to impress therefore I decided to get a little bit dressed up. I had this gorgeous skirt in my wardrobe for months from Savida/Dunnes that to be honest wouldn't normally be my style. But, my friend Claire insisted I get it and at the price tag of a fiver sure where would you be going. All I needed was a top and heels to complete the look which I decided to work on the day before the event. Very Clever indeed. Luckily, for once it actually somehow worked out. As I rushed into Penneys with around 15 mins to spare I managed to get an off the shoulder floral bodysuit ( 6 euro) and heels (16 euro) which I was most shocked at as I have the worst feet and rarely wear heels. To finish it off I had my vintage black bag that I probably wear with every outfit, I love it.

Thanks for such a great evening Debenhams and Vip magazine. It was so lovely to have an event in Cork, I love that city. Be sure to check out some of the ladies blogs in the picture above. Joanne from LipsticknLeopardprint, Joyce from Makemeupmua, Ebony from The Little Things Company, Claire from My Lipstick and Lollipops, Annmarie from Amaries Fashion Tips  , Shin Hayes - Thinking Out Loud and missing from the photo is Marie Barry Murphy and EmmaJAli 

Thanks for reading,
Aifric x


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Take Note...

Hi everyone,

Having previously tried (and loved) Makeup brand Note Cosmetics, I was eager to try more of the range. It was just my luck that it had arrived to the first Killarney stockists in Kennellys Pharmacy (Haven). I bought a few products and Kennellys kindly gave me a few more to try.

One thing that strikes me about Note is how expensive the packaging looks. It has similarities to higher priced makeup brands such as MAC and Inglot but at a fraction of the price. I've had a lot of questions recently regarding what to buy in the range so below I've reviewed what I've used so far. You can also check out my previous blogpost on more of the products here.

Detox Foundation:
I absolutely adore this! I wore it for the first time last Friday and my partner commented that my skin looked amazing and my makeup never looked as good. He's seen me with makeup on many times so I had to laugh that he commented, I'll take it as a compliment either way (I think..). My skin would be combination and this really suited it. It's a full coverage foundation but I found that it's buildable so it depends how you apply it. When I first applied it I used a foundation brush and a beauty blender which lasted me all night and looked the best on me. A couple of days later I used just the beauty blender which looked too much and heavy on my skin personally so I'd advise use the brush and if you want to pack more coverage into certain areas use the beauty blender or just for blending more for that airbrush finish. It comes in 8 shades ranging from paler to darker to suit everyone. I got shade 03 Medium Beige. The price is €13.95, sure where would you be going!


Luminous Silk Compact Powder:
I chose shade 03 again and it comes in 8 overall shades. This is the perfect product to have in your handbag if you want to touch up as it comes with a powder puff and has a mirror. It can be worn alone or over your foundation to set it (i used it particularly on my T-zone over my foundation). I made the mistake of using it all over my foundation last Sunday and it was too much for me so I'd used it sparingly unless you want full coverage all over. This retails at €9.95.

Terracotta Powder:
This comes in 4 shades and I got shade 01 Stardust. I used it as a highlighter on my cheek bones and
Cupid's bow however if you really love a Glow you could use it all over your cheeks. I did find less is more with this though as the pigment can be deceiving. When I had applied it indoors I thought it
wasn't showing on my skin so I overly applied it and got a bit of a scare when I looked in the car  mirror. Retails at €9.95.

Full Coverage Liquid Concealer:
Fantastic coverage and hid my dark circles. It comes in 4 shades, I got shade 02 Beige and it's €4.95

 Ultra Black Liner:
I usually do liner and a flick in my makeup looks so a liquid liner is a staple in my makeup bag. The brush can take a little getting used to but I find if you have your arm leaning on a table when you're applying it, it can help control your line. It's a really dark black which I love for that smokey look and   retails at €6.95.

Deep Black Mascara:
This was the only product I wasn't 100% gone on but that's just a personal reason as I found the brush didn't suit my lashes. I love that false lashe effect and they do have one in their range however it was sold out at the time. It retails at €8.95.

Rich Colour Lipstick:
The lip range is by far my favourite of their range, they are unreal! These retail at €4.95, yes that's the price and not a typing error! The pigment is amazing and they are so creamy. I got two shades 01 and 05 which was my favourite as I found 01 way too pale for my skin tone.


Luminous Silk Mono Eyeshadow:
I tried two shades browns in 07 and 08. They come in 18 individual shades and retail at €6.95. 07 would suit many people and they are easy to blend.


Makeup Look:

Full product list is listed on my Facebook page 

Thanks for reading, let me know if there's more in the range you've tried that you'd recommend. Aifric x


Friday, 5 May 2017

Dear River...

Dear River,

You turned 2 today. How did that happen? This past year has honestly flown by, more so than the first year.

As I look back, I think about how far we have come and how we have come to here. I found the first year quite hard as a new mom and adapting to so many changes. You were born in London, 2 weeks overdue and you still had no intention of coming into the world so I ended up having an emergency c-section. As scary as it was, thankfully all was well.

Excitedly, We brought you home shortly afterwards and You cried and cried and didn't sleep but I had prepared myself for that. However, Mentally and physically no matter how much you 'prepare' yourself, it is so overwhelming becoming a parent when you are fighting sleep, all of your senses are suddenly heightened so each time you would cry I would almost jump out of my skin.

However, you were so beautiful and everything and more than I had imagined.

We soon discovered that you had Colic which explained so much crying as you were uncomfortable with trapped wind. I began getting quite anxious in the first couple of weeks, I found it hard to be on my own with you because you cried so much, I felt like I wasn't doing things right as you didn't sleep or settle and I was exhausted. Your dad had to work so it was just me and you in our tiny flat in London. The Emotions I felt were so up and down and it was incredibly lonely in those few hours I was on my own during the day.

I had so much love and fear all of a sudden that it can be quite overwhelming to grasp and so much responsibility to get your head around. I was your mom and would do anything in my power to
protect you.
My emotions were also quite raw from having such a bad experience with the birth and aftercare, I would cry at the thought of it when I looked back. I was quite traumatised from the whole experience. As my pregnancy was, luckily, the smoothest, I wasn't expecting to get such a shock when it came to the birth.

My body was going to know what to do, right? At least that's what I'd been told. 

I decided to go back to Ireland awhile later so I had Family with me to help with you which I really needed. I just wanted my own mom all of a sudden and she was so helpful as was Gary, my stepmom, my brothers and sisters, all of my family in general and those few close friends that have seen me at my lowest and also at my best. I needed them all like I had never needed them as much before.

I was so naive before you were born thinking I'd be back home in a few months to 'visit', that I'd be able to do it all on my own, how wrong I was. After being home for awhile and going back and forth to London, I soon realised it wasn't what I expected at the beginning of motherhood. I had pictured us in London as our life was there, or so I thought, but one thing I learned from becoming a mom was, it was no longer just me to think of, you were now my priority and no matter how much you plan things they don't always work out the way you thought.

Moving our whole life back to Ireland was really hard, as in my eyes I hadn't planned on ever moving back but it was definitely much easier having family around to help. You loved having so much company too as you have such a social personality.

Looking back, I'm not sure that the quality of life would of been as good in London as it is here for a busy little boy like you are. Full of laughter and mischief you have reached so many milestones in these first two years. You shuffled on your bum and hopped so fast for months and months and boy were you fast!! I always knew you were going to talk before you walked. Your vocabulary amazes me daily with your new words. The first name you said (and it wasn't an easy one!) was your uncle 'Naoise' which you said so clearly and proudly.

You are a real little boy who loves his cars, buses, trucks and tractors. You've just started to distinguish between the different 'me me's' which means beep beep for cars. Everything has been a
me me until the past month and now all of a sudden you are roaring out the window at the truck or bus.

You took your time with walking but you weren't walking long when you were practically running shortly afterwards. Once you grasp something you're like a rocket and there's no stopping you. You've got such determination and courage.
Sleeping has thankfully become much better, I'm lucky that you tell me when it's time for your bottle and to go to bed. You just know at the same time every night when it's your time. I really can't get over how my little boy has gotten so grown up and independent.

I am still learning everyday as a mom and I'm so lucky to have you teach me new things all the time.

Since you turned one the time has truly flown by, to think that I have a toddler I can't believe it. As I'm writing this and looking back at how far we have come together as a family, it is awakening.
I look forward to learning so much more about you and about myself, as your mom that I am so proud to be.

Happy Birthday Pooks,
We all Love you xxx


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sleek Makeup Beauty Brunch

I was invited to the Sleek Makeup Spring/Summer Beauty Brunch in Dublin on Sunday. I've been a lover of Sleek makeup ever since I first discovered it when I was studying Makeup Artistry in the U.K. 12 years ago. The affordability of the brand drew me and also the vibrancy of the colours in their palettes.


The Event took place upstairs in a gorgeous venue, The Woollen Mills directly across from The Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin. It's a really bright room which was perfect for the event and a great view of the Quays.
The Woollen Mills (upstairs)

The Event:
Once seated, everyone had a Sleek Goodie bag which included their new products, a facechart to take notes, a large menu with so much to choose from for Brunch and numerous cocktails been handed out and refilled by the lovely staff. To eat I chose the waffles, eggs & spinach which was so tasty. Portion sizes were generous also.

I was sitting at a table with a bunch of lovely girls from Cork, Galway & Dublin and there was also lots of familiar well known faces in the Beauty and Blogging industry at the Event.

There was a selfie mirror there which was so much fun

So nice to meet everyone 

The New Makeup Products:

I adore the bright colours, the matte me lip glosses are my favourite. They are really pigmented, you just need one coat & they don't budge. They are priced at a very reasonable €6.99. The VIP lipsticks are also gorgeous (€7.49). If you like a semi matte lip with a velvety finish then these are for you.

How pretty are they!?


Blazer: Zara (old season)
Jeans: Only Jeans from Vero Moda (Piper high waisted)
Tshirt: Penneys
Kitten heels: Clarks

If you click here you can check by your county where sells Sleek Makeup. If you're from Kerry, Bradley's Pharmacy in Killarney and Ch Chemist in Tralee are two that are known to me.

Thanks so much to Sleek Makeup & The Publicity Loft for a great afternoon. It was really enjoyable. Look forward to the next one! 

Aifric x
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